Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

Hi, my uncle has a 1969(??) Honda Mini Trail mini bike (I think its a Z50).

It looks to be this style (Same tank badge and style)


The one I might have for sale is missing the head and cylinder block, but everything else looks to be there. Oh and the padding on the seat is gone.

I was wondering if anybody would be interested in this, I could get pictures if that is the case.

Or if anybody has parts to fix this bad boy let me know too. Thanks.

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

i have 1..they are very prices are getting kinda can buy a brand new chinese engine for 1 on ebay for cheap.........up to 125cc hehehehehehe

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

how much ya want for it and location got any pic`s

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

I might be interested if you can provide a photo and asking price. Thanks.

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

$18.25 if youll meet me halfway

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

Its at my uncle's house so I'll see what I can do pic wise, I'll try and get some tomorrow maybe.

I might just part it out and put it on Ebay because I'll probably get more that way for it..

Its located in Camden County, New Jersey. (08109 area)

Re: Honda Mini Bike- Vintage?

ok ok ok. I might be willing to go as high as $26

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