Puch Maxi Parts WANTED

i am located in Arizona, zip code 85301. I need the following parts for a project bike that i am working on..

-Puch Maxi stock bing carburetor

-Chains (both chains)

-Throttle aassembly

-Brake cables w/ housing

-Stock puch exhaust

-Clutch lever w/ cables and housing

tell me your prices too.


JAY :)

Re: Puch Maxi Parts WANTED


Re: Puch Maxi Parts WANTED


Re: Puch Maxi Parts WANTED

www.mopedshop.com ask them, they have alot of parts

Re: Puch Maxi Parts WANTED

not used parts. I want a used carb for cheap.

Re: Puch Maxi Parts WANTED

ok, well try your local junkyard, you may find one. Or go on Ebay, nomatter how you cut it, it won't be cheap.

I'm lucky, my dad has one he'll give me for the Puchs I'm rebuilding.

I'm using too to make 1 good one.

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