WTB: FA50 parts

parts needed

reed valve




ingnition coil

oil tank

and plastic under the seat

ingnition w/o key

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

I think I have a reed valve & oil tank.

The rest you can find on ebay from time to time, you have to add it to your search and have them email you with new listings.


Re: WTB: FA50 parts

how much

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

what type of bike

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

I might have most of this stuff, I got two partial fa 50, one is almost complete. I have a good ignition housing with key, coil

pitcock, carb, I think the oil tank is on one of them. I have piston and rings, but they are in engine. Why don't you just come and get all the fa50 shit I got for 75 bucks. there are two engins 4 wheels some controls, every thing is well worth 75 bucks. I live in Caro MI send me an email.

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

deal i can have the money in like 2 to 3 weeks

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

how far is that from kalamazoo mi

Re: WTB: FA50 parts


Re: WTB: FA50 parts

Ive got the carb and oil tank if you need it. Ill do $25 + shipping for both. The oil tank is missing the cap. Not sure but the carb will most likely need to be rebuilt. If you are interested email me. I can do paypal.

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

how much is shipping

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

Caro is 25 miles due east of Saganaw on 81

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

I wouldnt think shipping would be more than $10 including packaging.

Re: WTB: FA50 parts

I need 2 rear wheels. They both have different type of center lug teeth. I also need a muffler cover. Can anyone help?

Aaron in WA


Re: WTB: FA50 parts

hi i think i have the reed valve, petcock, coil, oil tank, and ignition with no key. by reed valve, which part of the reed assembly do you mean? my manifold isnt even taken off so im sure i have whichever part your talking about. and by plastic under the seat, which part do you mean because if it not attatched to the seat then i probablly have it.

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