FS: 1996 Tomos Title (Sprint)

I have a clear 1996 Tomos Sprint Title For Sale, can pretty much be used for any "Black Tomos Sprint".

Any questions/comments can be placed here as i'll check frequently.

Re: FS: 1996 Tomos Title (Sprint)

Cost? Location? Miles? Eng. size? Top Speed?

Any other stats would be appreciated also.


Re: FS: 1996 Tomos Title (Sprint)

you selling the title or the bike as well if u selling bike as well would u be will to trade it?

Re: FS: 1996 Tomos Title (Sprint)

I don't currently have the bike as a friend has it registered with another title and all badges removed...

But the title is a Clear NJ Title, i think the title shows 2100 miles or something along those lines,

Its only a title not a full moped, for anyone trying to register an older moped with no titles!

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