I need minarelli V1 parts.

I looking for a new motor for my 1978 cimatti city bike, it has a minarelli Vi in it, I looking for a replacement motor or parts. Thankyou for your help.

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

I was going to post a similar topic, but I'll take the lazy route and just hijack yours.

I'm looking for a good top end, or a new piston kit, original bore or Oversize.

I have spare internal gears to trade.

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

I have a bad opinion of NOS top ends. In my experience, they tend to be the slow version of whatever bike it is.

Has anyone purchased a NOS top end from handy bikes?

how did it perform?

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

iv purchased a nos piston from them for a puch, not the cylinder. i couldent tell you if it made it much better because the whole engine got a rebuild so its naturally running a whole lot better then before. it looks exactly like my original piston except my original is broken and scored. i think its fine though

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

That's really not what I mean.

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

I have a bunch of cylinders, heads and pistons. I can pull out a good set this weekend.

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

Now that! That is what I Mean!

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

stop being lazy and clean the ports and casing? duh Mr. Bret.

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

In the near future I will be parting with ALL of my Minarelli Stuff. I may post it here. Too many jokers here to get what its worth. Most likly EBAY!

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

post it here too mopagan--some people will give you what its worth. You can filter out the morons

Re: I need minarelli V1 parts.

If we could filter out the morons, I don't think Ed would be able to post his stuff for sale anymore. Or post at all.

"Stop being lazy, and clean the ports and casing"?

Thanks for that _helpful_ advice. It's extremely difficult to modify the transfer windows in a 38.7mm bore cylinder. If there are tools to do it, i don't have them, nor do i have the experience to get the angles right and not fuck it up.

Besides, stock minarelli cylinders will get good speed and acceleration with a little intake and exhaust widening, so that level of modification isn't really necessary.

Plus, this bike is for a friend who doesn't need the fastest thing in the world, just a bike that will pull her up hills and not require a lot of difficult maintenance(like when a amateur porting job causes the piston to wear out after 1,000 miles).

i don't want a kit or a drag racer, just a piston that isn't completely fucking worn out.

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