WTB kinetic parts

Need headlight and headlight box, taillight mount, and mirrors

Re: WTB kinetic parts

bang! I mean bump

Re: WTB kinetic parts

also need front rim thats straight

Re: WTB kinetic parts

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

talk to Smitty / SMC

Re: WTB kinetic parts

give ma a complete list of all parts needed,instead of here and there; and ill see what i have and can get you; Thanks

Re: WTB kinetic parts

Smitty Smith /

Maybe THIS will help you to locate all of the Kinetic TFR parts you need ;^)

Contact Bruce at Cosmotors, and tell him Smitty sent ya'.



Re: WTB kinetic parts

is it just me or do kinetic parts from cosmo motors seem RIDICULOUSLY fucking expensive?! There has to be a shit ton of these mopeds everywhere, nobody's got some parts bikes lying around?

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