1978 Puch Parts to buy

I am rebuilding a 1978 Puch, I believe it is a Newport. I am looking for a front fender, both side covers, seat, air filter, spedo w/cable, and orginal levers and controls, lisht sw, orginal grips.

Sound like alot but I really like giving older bikes a new life.

Re: 1978 Puch Parts to buy

Yo dawg.. check out this website


on this page you can find your side covers, Seat two person or one person seat

and at

www.westcoastmopeds.com i know you can find an air filter, and pretty sure you can find cables and spedo and grips..pretty much everything you are looking for

the only thing i think you will have trouble finding is the fenders...

i have a newport as well its got 3,000 miles on it and it rules

take a look

i will soon be buying some parts to get it to climb hills and reach speeds of 50mph..

oh and im deckin it out in 50's look with white wall tires haha

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