Looking for a Moped in Philly Area


I have been looking allover to find a moped.

I live in the Philadelphia Area, but i am willing to travel a distance to pick up a great moped... 2-3 hours... whatever it takes.

This will be my first moped, so I'd like to start off with one that runs well and doesn't need too much fix-up... nothing too complicated... cosmetic issues are ok... i don't neeed the paint to be mint... or no rust, etc... i'd just like it to run well...

I really like the style of the puch magnum MKII... with the top tank...i like the mopeds that have more of a motorcycle styling... though i am open to anything..

If you can help.....please do.

Also, I am willing to pay a fair price... i'm not a cheapskate.

Thankyou so much.


Re: Looking for a Moped in Philly Area

See Ya Moped Army /

There will be a Puch Magnum MKII for adoption at my ride on July 8th. Search the General Forum using "mopedlar ride" for the details of my ride.

Re: Looking for a Moped in Philly Area

thankyou so much for the info.

I will most likely be there.

It is a bit of a drive though... just wondering... will they be reasonably priced? or is it an auction?

Sorry... I'm new to all of this moped stuff.


Re: Looking for a Moped in Philly Area

it will be priced resonably, well will have some of our stuff there too. one of oyur guys is moving down to your area soon, he is looking for mopedders in philly?

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