Trade: Pair of Peds for a Motorcycle in San Diego

I posted this on craigslist San Diego, but thought I'd try here also... I'm in San DIego so a local trade would be prefered, but might be willing to work out a shipping arrangement.

I've got a pair of great running mopeds (real mopeds with pedals to start...)I'd like to trade for a great or decently running bike. 1st moped is a 1978 Honda Hobbit PA50II. It's the yellow and faster model (Hobbits came in red or yellow... red was limited to 20mph, yellow will go up to 30mph). Runs great and is in great condition. Very low miles, starts up everytime... everything works on it. Also comes with a front basket and 2 side collapsible grocery baskets. Neeeds nothing...

The 2nd moped is a 2000 (or 2001) Avanti Auto Power. Same story... runs great, starts right up, and has less than 100miles on it. It's a nice blue color with a long seat and a little front fairing. Top speed is SAID to be around 40mph...

Neither moped is currently registered, but it's an EASY process here in CA and I'll get it started for you (you just mail in a $17 check and a form and in a few weeks you get registration and a plate which never expires... registration is lifelong...). To ride these you NEED at LEAST an M2 license or permit. Again, you MUST have an M2 or an M1 license for these (and all) mopeds. And you must wear a DOT helmet (not a bicycle helmet...).

I'd like to trade for a running motorcycle. Cosmetics or year not too important, but it must be complete, running, and not in need of any major repair (no blown engines, wasted clutches, or fried electrics). I'd like something freeway legal (at least 200cc...) and would prefer a nice dual sport or a classic bike (kickstart only is fine with me...), but am not picky and would be willing to consider most anything as long as it's running, complete, and can take freeway travel.

This would be a straight trade: both peds for the bike, so I'd like a bike of equal value... I can send pics of the Avanti, but don't have any of the Hobbit, but it's stock (other than baskets), so...

Thanks for your time.


Re: Trade: Pair of Peds for a Motorcycle in San Di

sell the peds individually and buy what you want with the money

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