WTB puch M50 Sport

will trade magnum and maxi

Re: WTB puch M50 Sport


You pay me 3k and I'll let you ride my M50

Re: WTB puch M50 Sport

Sorry im being an ass.

Good luck on finding a M50 in the states as far as I know I (will be) one of the few. Puch never imported them to the USA and examples of the M50 you will find here are bikes that people brought over from Europe. And judging by the money I had to pay, the time it is taking to ship & the over all pain in the ass... Don't expect to find one an time soon.

Just my 2

Re: WTB puch M50 Sport

There are a few puch bikes on ebay that are just as cool or even cooler imo, just a heads up. Sadly I have no way to pick any of them up.


Re: WTB puch M50 Sport

and just so you know, in case you happened to run into one snicker anything less than 3,000$ is a good deal, seriously.

Re: WTB puch M50 Sport

hi harold.

Re: WTB puch M50 Sport

hi jason

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