WAAAANTED: tomos a3 top end

my tomos silver bullet seized on me, and on closer inspection i found that the rings broke (both of em!). unfortunately, my cylinder and piston head are now all hacked up. heartbreaking.

we at the cincinnati branch are hosting a rally on the weekend of the 23rd, so now im bikeless for the time being. if anyone has a slightly used top end (piston, cylinder, rings) they'd be willing to sell me for really cheap i would be indebted forever to their gratitude. thanks for the help!


Re: WAAAANTED: tomos a3 top end


Re: WAAAANTED: tomos a3 top end

Matthew Yeah /

Hey man, I've got a used A3 cylinder that I had ported, and I'm not sure if it was ported too much or not, as I ended up getting a new matched jug and piston. I'll gladly drop it in the mail for the cost of shipping, but I make no promises that it's not a bit too big. I had a local shop do it, and I gave them the tolerances, but when I picked it up, he said that all he did was run a hone through it to clean it up, and cut out a ding that was causing the piston to stick.

I later got a bunch of new stuff and never tested this cylinder.

email : sandalscout@gmail.com

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