1951 Mobylette AV3 for sale in Portland

So I just got a 1978 Sachs Westlake and I want to trick it up and make it a semi racer so I'm going to sell my 1951 Mobylette AV3. Its pretty much all original except the wheels which were changed to 26" rims and tires. I just put on new Michlein tires for the summer season. It runs and rides well but its not a speed demon by any means. I'd bet I'm the only one here in Portland with one of these machines. I need to get $700 for this bike or part trade for parts for my Sachs. I'd like to put an Athena 70 or 80cc kit or something similar, new exhaust, carb, maybe mags and whatever else I will need to make this baby fast. If you are interested let me know. More pictures if you need them. Thanks


Re: 1951 Mobylette AV3 for sale in Portland

have any spare sachs parts yet? I just picked one up myself.


Re: 1951 Mobylette AV3 for sale in Portland


I have a 1950 AV3 which I plan to renovate and would like to see pictures of your moped. My moped does not have a rear carrier or stand. How rare are these early Mobylettes?

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