hookup on SAE20 ND oil

I work at valvoline and can order Sae 20 weight non detergent oil, but only by the case. I dont need an entire case, so if anyone else wants some let me know. I can send you guys either single quarts or entire cases. Price is around a buck a quart---CHEAP!!! Shipping shouldnt be much, and I wont try to make anything on it. I'm in Holland, MI.

Re: hookup on SAE20 ND oil

Tractor supply has it for cheap too. There is a thread around here somewhere about it.

Re: hookup on SAE20 ND oil

I geuss I'll have to go there because I just called to order a case through valvoline and its SAE 20 weight, but its not non detergent oil, even though they listed it as non detergent. So thanks for the info.

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