Batavus - Piston, pin, rings, clips needed

Looking for Batavus piston/pins/rings/clips for my 1980 batty Starflite. Laura M48 engine. Mopedjunkyard is way overpriced, I've seen sets go on ebay for a quarter of what they sell them for.

Does anyone have these for sale? Only thing that absolutely must be new are rings....

used piston pin and clips are OK if they are in good shape... My piston has a nice melting divet in it from having been ridden 600 miles with the timing ALL the way advanced, a lean jet installed, and a nice hairline crack in the crankcase. I got a new bottom end wihich is excellent, but I'd like to change out the piston anyways....

Re: Batavus - Piston, pin, rings, clips needed

I think they made 20mph and 30mph..

Re: Batavus - Piston, pin, rings, clips needed

Yup, piston is the same for all of them. In fact the motor is exactly the same for all versions.... Only difference is the carb and the sprocket.

Re: Batavus - Piston, pin, rings, clips needed

The differences are the carb, sprockets, they had different clutch assemlies for different speed models, airbox, exhaust header size, and ring gaps that they also used to lower compression ratios for different speed models.

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