05 tomoslx for sale

it's a o5 has 1,669 miles runs good needs an exhaust and headlight and side plastics 650 and i can ship it greyhound


Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

idk maybe, if anything, then 600 shipped idk

Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

shipping will cost over $100. def not worth it

Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

Damn....looks good. You're actually SO close to me, but I don't have the cash right now :( sigh....well good luck selling it.

Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

yeah its worth it allright it is a 2005. and only need 200 in parts

Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

jeffro bigeddy /

i am in northeast ohio, where are you locate at?

also why is the fender off of the bike?

is it damaged?

have you gottten prices for the replacement parts?

Re: 05 tomoslx for sale

nico biagetti /

can you send me some pics? im located in barberton ohio, so this would be perfect. any other problems exept for exhaust? what are you asking for it?

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