Bry - buy this one yet?

I figure that you beat me to most of 'em any way - I might as well bird dog any I can't afford for you...


Bry - buy this one yet?

I laughed when I saw this post. I saw that one and thought about it but I passed. I did snag that 1966 Honda 50 though that was advertised in St. Cloud though a few days ago. I'm really excited to tinker with that. The Chappy would look too out of place with all of my other mopeds so I let it go! Also, I think my wife is about ready to file for divorce so I'm trying to thin the herd a bit. :)

Christ - throw me a bone!

Jon Zetterlund /

I was wondering why the guy in St. Cloud didn't answer any of my e-mails.

You're fast becoming Minnesota's leading exporter of mopeds...


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