I need a Puch Engine

Yep, I still need one. I have 15 days to find one and put it on the moped...

Please, someone sell me a Puch engine

Re: I need a Puch Engine

i have one it needs some cleaning but it ran last summer nver started it again because i just didnt

Re: I need a Puch Engine

i've got an old bike i could pull one off of. its a puch magnum, i havent run it in a few years, but it was strong then...

whats it worth to you?

Re: I need a Puch Engine

ok guys,im working for amy.what condition are the motors in as far as hows the crank,are the bearings loud,hows the topend and far as compresion,one speed or two,what number cylinder is on the motor.i cant give yall a price on what its worth without knowing a few of those things.let us know and we'll get one,mabie both.


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