Tomos Parts Wanted:

Hi I need tomos front and back brake cables and a dellotro throttle cable. I also need a centerstand with the mounting bolt and nut with the spring. I'd prefer to pay with paypal.


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Re: Tomos Parts Wanted:

Oh, also if anyone randomly happens to have an older Barnett Wildcat Crossbow I'll buy that too.

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Re: Tomos Parts Wanted:

yo man i have that straight intake for you if you want it. let me know!!!


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regarding the cables... i will admit i needed those too and i replaced ALL of them with ones you buy in a package at walmart for bicycles:

BELL bike fix brake and gear cable set

"All cables needed to tune-up your multi-gear bike."

i attached a pic of the package they came in...


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so did you have to put them in the plastic tubing?

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they came in their own new plastic tubing, but i did make sure that they were the same size, and they did fit into the old tubing.. but of course i used the new stuff cuz it looks better than my old cracked ones...

for the throttle cable all i had to do was cut off the big bump at the end of the wire and cut to length...

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how much were they? I just might go to walmart tommorow

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sorry i dont know... i got the remains of the box from a neighbor who only needed one of the cables out of it.... im thinking for some reason that when i looked at em a year or so ago for a bicycle that the whole package was something like 12 or 15 bucks, but i cant swear by it...

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i think our walmart had it for 5-7 dollars... derek used it.

Re: Tomos Parts Wanted:


barnett crossbow

150 lb barnett crossbow, good condition, no bow string.

can send pics if you are still interested

looking for $125.00 plus shipping, no handling charge

Lemme Know,


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