Magnum with Athena Kit in MA $600

Want a ped that rocks? This one has unreal power. chrome isn't bad, needs a paint job to be real nice. Has all the covers and guards including the elusive tail cover. NO TEST RIDES. Motor is new, not broken in yet. Price out the kit and pipe with labor to set it all up and you are getting a free moped. Runs perfectly, come to a stop and the engine idles like a stocker. All the lights, speedo, and everything works like it is supposed to. I also have a set of snowflag mags available.


Re: Magnum with Athena Kit in MA $600

This badboy still for sale? The last moped I bought was stolen, whole story in this thread:

Re: Magnum with Athena Kit in MA $600

Sollry the bike was sold.

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