want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool one

I'd really like another av88, puch toptank, Avaros, or something else thats really neat.

I have:

1. Vespa Ciao. Runs. Variable speed. needs cables, sidecovers, and cosmetic work.

2. Vespa Ciao parts bike. the handle bars and reflectors need to go onto the first ciao.

3. Vespa Bravo parts bike.

4. Motobecane 51v black parts bike

5. Motobecane 50v Red parts bike

6. Motobecane 50v Red parts bike

7. Motobecane 50v Black parts bike

8. Motobecane 50v Black parts bike

9. Motobecane 50v Bronze parts bike

10. Puch Maxi. Project bike. Frame chopped for cafe seat.

missing engine parts and various screws. rear wheel is Motobecane.

Also have quite a pile of vespa and motobecane parts.

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

too bad your not near mass.

I have a 79 Lazer thad id trade for the lot...

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

the 50v s are "really neat"

the 51v is even more "really neat"

Many consider the Vespa mopeds to be extremely neat

It doesn't get much neater then those bikes.

it makes me sad to see that many bikes traded for one

unless they are getting traded to me

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

I agree motobecanes and vespas are really neat, BUT I will still have 7 motobecanes and 5 vespas AFTER I get rid of that stuff.

I'm just trying to reduce my supply of neat things.

I can see 10 Motobecanes and a Magnum X from where I sit in my 177 sq ft apartment.

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

if I was to trade for a puch, I already have an engine, so the bike wouldnt need to have one.

and obviously if someones bike isnt up to par i'd want to hold onto some of this.

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

i have a 96 tomos lx in ohio

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

Zane, i like how you continually refer to your pile of frames as a pile of "mopeds."

Re: want to trade my 10 mopeds for 1 really cool o

they are no longer just frames, they are frames with boxes of parts that could be put back onto them. and no longer a pile, more like an orderly stack.

This is in Portland Oregon.

puch maxi

rear mag not included, unless your supplying one in trade.

Re: puch maxi

i wat a vespa if its manuel and ur close to NJ

Re: puch maxi

He already said he's from Portland, OR and you can also find that out by clicking on his profile (Verified User).

Re: puch maxi

"a vespa if its manuel"

sorry, vespas are not part of the 2% of manual mopeds.


Re: puch maxi


for something REALY REALY amazing, I'd throw in 3 more ciaos, and a near complete 50v project.

Re: puch maxi

I'd love to have a ciao, but all I have is a slightly beaten Targa LX, and a Trac Liberty with no carb. However, the LX does run quite well.

Re: puch maxi

lx in ohio 350

Re: puch maxi

Once again this is in PORTLAND OREGON. And I should probably have mentioned earlier, NO TOMOS! never! I just cant!

but thanks.

Re: puch maxi

just traded the running ciao for a honda elite 80.

Still have:

1. 6 Motobeceane 50 series parts bikes

2. pile of vespa parts

3. insane amount of Avaros parts

4. Vespa Bravo parts bike.

5. Puch Maxi, now with a 2 speed engine and comes with rear mag. Should run, I just havent finished putting it together.

Still want:

something really neat. ie AV88, vespa reedvalve engine, puch toptank, Avaros, etc(bucket o cash is neat too)

Re: puch maxi

We need to scedule a time to meet. I'm jsure our parts stashes could be swpped around untill we're both happy.

Re: puch maxi

I'll be driving through Eugene Tuesday Evening.

send me an email.

Still have

1. 5 motobecanes, parts bikes. 3 front fenders, 3 rear fenders, 5 sets of forks, 3 seatring tubes, 3 sets of handle bars, 2-3 luggage racks, 3 sets of shocks, 3 swing arms, 2 kickstands, 2 kickstand springs, 8 or so extra fork covers.

2. Bravo frame

3. all my vespa stuff on ebay that doesnt sell

4. grande handlebars, bravo handlebars, grande front fender, ciao front fork body, ciao seat, ciao rear fender

5. Avaros parts. nos crank cases, pistons, cylyinders, gaskets, etc.

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