Need tomos lx

i need a Tomos lx with a 70cc kit on it. i need it to go at least 45mph, im willing to pay 1500$

Re: Need tomos lx

Mine's got it and goes 52mph total.

2003 Tomos LX

4 New Turn Signals

Only 1500miles on the kit

100 Miles on the 15:15 Delorto SHA Carb

62MPH Speed Rated tires only 1500miles on.

Custom Cut Front Fender

Everything Works

For $1,100 You can have it whenever you want it.

If you wait until june u can haveit for 900.

Located in South Jersey

Re: Need tomos lx

where in south jersey are you located, because im from north jersey

Re: Need tomos lx

Do you have pics?

Re: Need tomos lx

Theres a pic of it in my profile.

I'm in Gloucester County (washington township) Near glassboro, cherry hill, and some other places like that.

If your up near paramus, im about an hour and a half - two hours away from there.

Re: Need tomos lx

can i buy it for 900$ in june? and also i was wondering if you could bring it to me, i would pay you extra of course.

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