still selling parted out fa50

still got a 1980 suzuki fa50 that im parting out and selling. its missing the seat, carberatour, air cleaner, and few small things. bike only has 1433 miles on it. also dont think i will have the speedo much longer. im in south jersey but will ship in america but buyer pays for all shipping charges. some nice parts are rims, very nice chrome, some minor rust but would probably come off with a little steel wool. email or reply to this if ur interested in anything

Re: still selling parted out fa50

Hi Kyle, What color is your machine? Good rear fender?

Thanks, Ken

Re: still selling parted out fa50

its red, paints not bad, has minor rust on it, if your interested in the frame, i can email you a pic of it? sorry, no rear fender

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