3 Puchs $250


I know Fingaz is on the hunt to own all puchs in the world. Good deal...

For a small fee I can go buy these things and hold them for any out of towners interested. hit me back.


Motorsport Scooters

Re: 3 Puchs $250

wayyyy to far away,

good deal though

Re: 3 Puchs $250

i cant afford it. however i bet benji would want them. give him a call 415 377 5655. i would call him but my cell phone is shut off. see the thread in the buy/sell section lol.

Re: 3 Puchs $250


Damn... If it werent a small fortune to ship those I know there'd be friends here who'd want them

Re: 3 Puchs $250

Serge Prokofievadactyl /

We are getting these for our trip from Tempe Arizona to Kalamazoo Michigan.

I hope.

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