1984 Honda Aero NH125cc -2300 miles

FS scooter, similiar to Vespa,2 stroke, oil injection, 125cc, 58MPH, 75MPG, elec start, 2.3kmi (orig), road legal, $850 , e-mail for further info.


Re: 1984 Honda Aero NH125cc -2300 miles

Leon Swarmer /

City? title?

Re: 1984 Honda Aero NH125cc -2300 miles

I own 2 of these scooters. Definitely worth the money. I got mine for $100, and the other one for $199.00

The one that runs, runs beautifully. Purrs like a kitten. Owner is insane to let it go.


Re: 1984 Honda Aero NH125cc -2300 miles

Donald Renner /

Hi, I saw your message RE; 84 Honda 125 cc. I am having one restored for me by a friend. We are having a problem finding a turn signal lens cover. Seems there are none in the Honda locater for parts.

Can you help me as to where I can look? Do you know any parts stores that specialize in old scooter parts? I would apreciate any help you can provide.


Don Renner Jerome, Mi

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