FS: Batavus Moped

Step through model, not exactly sure what year or model. Moped runs but needs to be bump started. The clutch is now a direct drive with the crank, as it was screwed together. The overall cosmetic condition is rough, but the moped runs good. Moped does not come with a title. Located near Chicago, IL.


For more information contact Chris at cshaffer750@hotmail.com

Re: FS: Batavus Moped

Hmmmmm. Willing to ship? I'm interested, but it'll be till after the holidays till I can get it. I know it would be ridiculous to ship (like $100 or so), but for another running batavus to go alongside my own (for wifey to ride), I'll gladly pay to ship it. Like I said though... gonna be a month or two. Keep me in the back of your head. :)

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