Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

Just found a vintage 1977 Grentec Coyote II skateboard, blue in color. Still has original wheels and trucks, seems like it can be ridden. It had grip tape on it, and the deck & logos are in very good condition.

Trade me something cool for it, if you want it.

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Re: Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

Use to be a skater but, i cought the moped fever!!! LOL.

Re: Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

I can post some pics tomorrow.

Re: Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

hehe I still have the board i had built when i was 15 back in "78" it was a Sims pure juice board with ACS trucks and some kinda kids are like "dad that board aint no good its too short!" lol worked for me.....

Re: Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

Where's Harold?

Re: Anyone here a skater? Oldschool board FS

i've been skating since 85 and collecting old boars for five years. let me know what you want for it, i've got ootsa moped parts.

wheres harold

harold succumbed to toymachine and i to a healthy game of skate


Here's the photos..




Unless you've got some Solex parts, or a complete set of Puch/Sachs Magura controls, make a cash offer.

Re: pics


That is a score for sure. Some kinda resin wheels right? I have that same kind in my garage. Bought it, coincidentally, while riding my moped from garage sale to garage sale.

It cost me 5 bones.

Re: pics

Hey thanks, I assumed it was pretty cool even though I'm not a skater.

Despite the fact that I'm really good keeping the rubber side down on a bike, I'm a complete and utter klutz on anything with 'skate' in the name.. roller, inline, ice, board, any of it.

Anyway, offers??

Re: pics

Bump.. Well, if nobody is interested I'll send it eBay-way.

Re: pics

I used to skate, those are pretty dangerous but insanely fun to ride. :)


Re: pics

check out my old school board....


Re: pics

Hey, that's kinda cool xrongor. So what year did they make that?

Unless it has really small wheels, it looks to be a lot larger than the one I have.

Re: pics

That type of board is commonly known as a "banana board" because of its shape. I've had 3 over the years, terribly fun.

Re: pics

Whoa...I saw old school deck and was hoping I'd see a beauty. Those little plastic decks are cool to look at, but not to ride.

Now my Kendall "Nuclear Man" or my Tough Sk8s Hasoi decks, those are truly fucking sweet.

Re: pics

i had that yellow makaha in the mid 70's when i was a kid. dont know exactly what year. 75 if you force me to guess. something happened to it, but i found that one at a garage sale a couple years ago and bought it.

everyone called it the 'aircraft carrier' and made fun of it, but it was much easier to ride. it seems funny now, but that deck was almost twice the size of everyone elses 'banana' boards. and still less than 1/2 the size of a modern board....

i love to watch the kids ride it and fall on their asses trying to do a simple kickturn on a ramp. new boards are like caddilacs compared to real old school.

real men ride plastic! once in a while anyway...

Re: pics

I have plenty of respect for anyone who can actually ride a board like the Coyote. I can't even stand up on the damn thing without falling off.

But it's very cool to see how much you guys apreciate the old school stuff.. if it wasn't for the folks who broke their necks riding the old tech, you wouldn't have the trick modern equipment that I know you ride today.

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