puch newport with lots of new parts

im thinking about selling this moped. its a 1980 puch newport. after i bought it i added: new heavy duty shocks, after market long seat. 15mm bing carb, 15mm intake manifold (added after picture), a proma circuit exhaust (added after picture), and a set of fold down buddy pegs. i have also replaced parts such as grips, a side panel that was missing from the right side ect.. i still have all the original parts and would include them if i sold it. so please, make and offer if you are interested.



Re: puch newport with lots of new parts

Hey chase... i am relatively new to the world of mopeds and could not tell you what a moped like that is worth because i don't have the foggiest idea. why don't you post a price so if it is worth the money you are asking for it in head (probably a purely emotional choice as i said, no idea if it is a fair price...) i can get in touch with you and pick up what will be my first moped...

thanks for your help...


Re: puch newport with lots of new parts

im not really sure of a price. ive put about 700 in to it, but certianly i dont plan on trying to get 700 for a puch. i saw in your profile that you worked with scooters. currently im looking for a vespa or a stella scooter that is 1980 or older. you wouldnt happen to be selling a scooter, would you?

Re: puch newport with lots of new parts

hey chase... i need to apologize. i did not realize you were in lansing MI. i am in Long island and it is kind of an issue to travel 14 Hours for a ped. as for the scooters, stellas are relatively new, 2003 and newer. you'll only find vespas and lambrettas pre 1980. if you like vintage buy vespa... if you like vintage and performance and reliability and a new scooter (0 miles) buy the stella. I am. 2899 is a hell of a deal for a new metal 2 stroke scooter. good luck.

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