Wheels for 01 TTLX

Is there anyone out there willing to sell me a pair of silver or black rims? Im also looking for the front windshield in black only. Thanks alot.

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Re: Wheels for 01 TTLX

You might try reading the posts like this one https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/2/59819/59819/


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Re: Wheels for 01 TTLX

I have a set of white, and silver wheels. $30 for each pair+shipping.

Re: Wheels for 01 TTLX

i've got the silver (those the ones you talking about rick? i still have them as of right now) they're the 95 styling.

Re: Wheels for 01 TTLX


Re: Wheels for 01 TTLX

does it matter? thier 1/2 mine

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