Need A Moped

I want a moped that is under $200 that has been made since the 1990's. It should work where I won't have to buy any parts. If you have one please respond.

Re: Need A Moped

Your gonna be looking awhile,the only mass made mopeds sold in the US in the 90s were tomos and kinetic,and any ready-to-ride mopeds right now are going for alot of money,you could save alot of money if your willing to fix it and this site can help you alot. And mopeds are in almost constant need of work and if you can fix it yourself it would save you alot of time and hassle. Plus they are relitivly simple and easy to work on.

Re: Need A Moped

I dont want to sound like an ass, but there is no way in hell your going to find a good running ped 90+ for only 200. You should look for somthing made in the 80's that you could work on.

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