NEED: Tomos A3 Engine

I got this '78 Bullet from a guy and have been restoring it. Finally got it running, but it sounds like the main bearings are SHOT - sounds like a bag of marbles is in the crankcase.

Does anybody have a running/close to running engine laying around? I don't care about spark or anything - I just need one that's mechanically sound.



Re: NEED: Tomos A3 Engine

See Ya Moped Army /

Why not get a set of crank bearings (less than $15), new crank seals and case gasket and rebuild the motor you have? This way you know what you got. You never know what you're getting from someone else.

Re: NEED: Tomos A3 Engine

I have a Motor $65.00 Shipped and i except Pay-Pal

No head or Coil but good carb and air box.


Re: NEED: Tomos A3 Engine

Sounds good. Does it run?

Re: NEED: Tomos A3 Engine

Ian Steedman /

hmm.. no head or coil..... does it run????

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