WTT4 Puch or Tomos 'ped

I have a ReplayTV DVR System with lifetime activation(think tivo without the monthly fee) as well as 3 harddrives a 40 gig, a 80gig and a 160 gig. I also have some small paintball items(48/3k tank, Redz4+3 harness with medium belt). I also have a couple of Motorola Surfboard Cable Modems(work with Comcast or RCN cable modem)

Willing to trade some of or all of the items listed above for a Puch or Tomos moped in good condition. Can pick up anywhere in Massachusetts or Southern NH.

Anyone interested IM me at UMLGuy01701 or email me at llaskinATgmailDOTcom

sorry for the repost i screwed up the last one

Re: WTT4 Puch or Tomos 'ped

bump bump bump

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