looking for early Mobylett

Hi looking for early motebcane - bike style frame believe they are a 1940's model? Can anyone help with information prices etc. This is my first moped so help is appreciated.



Re: looking for early Mobylett

This guy: http://motors.search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdonolson73 Has two from the 60's

Mountain Man

Re: looking for early Mobylett

thanks for the hint, however looking for one from the 1940's early 50's the ones with the bicycle frame.

Any thoughts on prices and whether anyone has heard of one for sale??

Re: looking for early Mobylett

Sounds like you are looking for a Solex. Check the photos or search for Solex or a Velosolex, the second I think was made by Motobecane.

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