WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Need a bunch of parts for a 1973/74 Solex 3800 - standard black model.

- tail light assembly, complete

- engine cover with headlight assembly, complete

- magneto flywheel cover

- air filter assembly, complete (should have red 3800 sticker)

- engine raising lever

- rear wheel, complete.

- toolbox / tirepump?

Probably some other stuff as well. Please let me know if you have any/all of this.

I have a near-complete 3800/5000 motor that I am willing to trade, as well as a few other Solex parts (handlebars, pedal crankshaft, pedals). Also, various Motobecane, Columbia, Puch and Vespa parts available.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Don Pflueger /

www.velocruz.com has every part you need.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Hi donp,

I was looking over the Velocruz site. Most of the common wear parts are cheap, but I'm not ready to pay their prices for all the stuff I'm missing. This bike is about 70% complete.

Turns out that the pile I have contains (spare) parts from other years & models. I've got some good trading material, so I'll hold out for some used parts - for now.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Don Pflueger /

thats what i did with my two solex's

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

So then, I have to ask.. did you ever get them down the road?

I've decided that if I can get the r. wheel, the air cleaner, mag cover and the cables & levers, I'm going to put together what I have, and make it a runner. The basic machine is a 1974-ish 3800, but a number of the other parts are from 4600s. It will likely be a bit of a bastard child for a while, but since it's simple to bolt on the correct stuff later, who cares.

In the meantime, I'll collect parts once piece at a time, and hopefully it won't cost me more than several hundred dimes. Like I said, not like I don't have trading material for several makes. I might even head back to Farmington today, and make this guy an offer on a Solex Horse he has.. he wants too much for what is actually there, and in condition, so.. we'll see. It does have a r. wheel and an air cleaner, though.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Go for it! The Horse is a 4600 V2 or V3. These are the best Solexes because they have brake lights and electric horns which are required in many states.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

In my years of mild Solex passion I have never seen this Solex Horse. Have any photos of one?

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Don Pflueger /

i did get one running for a short while. long story. i got pissed at the two i had and dumped them. one was a 7up promotional bike from 1975. they were 4600's. i believe the 3800 is virtually the same engine.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts


There is a photo of a Solex Horse in the photos section of MA. To my untrained eye, it looks a lot like a 4600.

I have a pair of headlight brackets for this model. One is yellow, like the photo, and the other is blue, like the bike I saw at the swapmeet. There is also one headlight bucket; again, the round style in the photo.

Wonder if other colors were available..

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

The same "cyclomoteur 3800" engine is used on the 3800, 4600, and 5000. They all have "cyclomoteur 3800" cast into them as well as the same date of homologation (approval), 14-3-1966 cast into them. The only difference is the motor raising/lowering assembly which is not technically part of the motor. Most 3800s have a lever bolted to the top of the motor, and the other 3800s, all 4600s and all 5000s have a lever on the right side of the motor. The 3800s here all have the top mount lever. The French 1985 Motobecane 3800 and the German export model 3800 have the lever on the right side, but you will most likely never see one over here.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

The Solex 4600 V2 and V3 were called The Horse

Other photos and info about the 4600 can be seen at


Read my article near the bottom of this page entitled "The 4600..aka The Horse" by Bryan. There are some mistakes in the info on the rest of the page, so just go by the info in my article until I get to correct the rest of the page.

You'll also see a photo from an old ad entitled The Horse about 1/3 of the way down the page. BryanSolex


Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Horse=4600 V2 or V3.

The 4600 V1 and V2 were available in Black, Atoll Blue, Orange, or Palm Yellow. The V3 I have only seen in black, atoll blue and palm yellow.

Check out my article in the attached Solex newsletter.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Pleased to say that I have a good lead on some of the needed parts. An MA member in Canada contacted me - go MA, go CA!

Still looking for leads on the other parts I need - air cleaner, cleaner cover, and all associated hardware. Handlebar levers & grips as well.

Big shout-out and thanks to briansolex, for his excellent information & assistance on this bike. Saved me a lot of head-scratching.

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts

Thanks for the kind words!

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts


I can sell you a whole solex3800 from 1967 for 500$.

I have few of them, and lot of parts.

I'm in New York city, you can call me 1 718 300 5965

Re: WTB: Solex 3800 parts


Thanks, I will be getting in touch.. always good to have more sources.

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