ok as i have said in the other post am strapped for cash and want another moped... so i would be willing to pay $100 for one. i am also a screen printer (print t-shirts sweatshirts and almost anyhting else.) and have access to a vinyl cutter. so i would be willing to trade on top of cash or in lue of cash for these things. i could print shirts and or cut some vinyl decals like the ones i have seen on the headlights of the mopeds on this site. if anyone is interested and has a moped they would be willing to trade please let me know. your would need to be close or be able o deliver it. sorry for being a pain in the ass. i am also looking for sprockets to make my badger faster so i would trade for those also. some rad decals would look nice on those helmets haha let me know thanx

Re: decals/shirts

hahahaha im retarded (in lieu of)

i should take advantage of the spell check once in a while

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