1969 Piaggio Ciao For Sale

Black, 49 cc's, excellent condition, newly serviced, rebuilt exhaust system, helmet and carrier box included in Toronto.


Re: 1969 Piaggio Ciao For Sale

those are worth about 400 depending on where you are located

Re: 1969 Piaggio Ciao For Sale

$2000 dollar ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahaha!

I laugh, and laugh heartily. The ciao, whilst ranking as possibly my favorite moped of all, simply is never worth that much. You can buy a brand new one in Italy for half that.

Check the Piaggio italy website.....I think that Suggested Retail is like 800-900 euros......

Not to put you down or anything, it' s just that that's a reasonable price for a nice condition Vespa scooter, not a moped.

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