Motobecane 50v's in Portland Maine

red 1978 50v runs great, fast and was my main bike last year. the forks are a bit loose, but could be tightened up with the correct tool, also it is idling poorly, but I think I just need to clean out the carb well. (I will be including an extra frame with a very tight fork asembly if I can not adjust them properly)

yellow 1977 50v just got it running, with great compression It makes a metal rubbing sound in the engine, I am hoping it is just because it has not run in so long, so the grease just needs to coat everything. it may be in need of a bearing, which I have extra of, and would include.

both include all parts including side covers, and airboxes

prices will depend on how much work I do to them this weekend, and if I can solve any of their issues

If you live localy I would of coarse help you with upkeep, and repair as well

Those of you who know me know that I think motobecanes are the best, coolest, and fastest mopeds around. Quick acceleration, good top speed, striking prettyness. Motobecanes Rule.. I am moving to a new apartment, and having so many peds will not be possible there

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if you cant fix their issues how much will you be lookin to get for em?

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OK I do not feel like messing around with these peds.

Red 78 50v- now idles. great long seat in great condition. clutch rattles at idle, needs to be lubed. strong running ped-all systems go - $275 If you want a blue frame in better shape add $25

Yellow 77 50v runs strong, 1 loose pedal, could probably use new engine bearing. I will include extra crankcase for parts - $250

Many spare parts available.


Re: Motobecane 50v's in Portland Maine

Hi you still have the peds? I am right in Portland and would like to take a look...i am having a bit of trouble with my Malaguti this can email direct at Thanks.

Re: Motobecane 50v's in Portland Maine

hey lauren,whats wrong with your malaguti? I know a guy who is selling a pretty nice running one but it has no back wheel.

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hey Lauren

if i remember right, we rode together once last summer, i believe you came to one of our fix it days in early june or even may, i cant remember

whats wrong with the malaguti? maybe i could help you get it running?

we're meeting at casco bay books tomorrow night, you should come out, around seven i believe

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