FS: Electric Bike / Scooter / Moped

Brand New Electric 350w Assisted Bicycle

I bought this bike in December 2004, and had it in my garage all winter, unused. Things have changed and I no longer need it. I bought a car! I have taken it out 3 times and it works perfectly. Bought it brand new. Its top speed is 33km/h, and does 50km on a charge. It takes only 6 hours to charge. Id perfer to sell it locally (Southern Ontario, Toronto Canada) but i will ship anywhere. I bought it brand new for $2000CDN, so my loss is your gain. I am not a business trying to sell these bikes, I am a private person that needs to sell.

Asking: $1000 CDN

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thnx.

If you have an questions or interest, please email me at mr_viola@hotmail.com


Re: FS: Electric Bike / Scooter / Moped

Re: FS: Electric Bike / Scooter / Moped

should have got a new moped!

Ditch the lame-o car!

Re: FS: Electric Bike / Scooter / Moped

didnt you post that on V is for Voltage forum a wile back

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