WTB moped in michigan

Maria Perrotta /

hey i'm looking for something fairly cheap and running in

the ann arbor/ ypsi area. but i'd pretty much travel anywhere in southern michigan/illinois/indiana for a good moped.

Re: WTB moped in michigan

I'm in northern Indiana and some for sale. Shoot me an e-mail if interested.


Re: WTB moped in michigan

if you two end up making a deal by the weekend i'd be happy to transport the bike back to ann arbor for pickup. i feel like i owe elkhart for the recent parts hookup.

Re: WTB moped in michigan

and i'd be happy to see new riders.

Re: WTB moped in michigan

Hey guys, I'm in Kalamazoo, MI and looking to buy as well. Maria if you find a place around or if you end up buying from Bryank, let me know.

Re: WTB moped in michigan

Seems these days we hook everybody up.

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