Honda Moped for sale


I have a 79 Honda Express II in very good condition available for trade. (Pic attached)

Runs well, great condition. Starts fast. No tears or leaks. Goes 32 to 34 mph. Orange color. All original. (Seat may have been aftermarket, but is original model) Only missing front brake cable. (Easy to find on ebay for 12 bucks, NOS)


I am interested in a simple black & white trade... Like people with intergrity do. Square and fair, no bullshit. That's just how I am. I am tired of people playing games or backing out at the last minute & driving out to a location only to find that they never show up.

I am looking for any kind moped, trail bike OR dirtbike. I would rather an older model but I will consider ANYthing as long as it piques my interest

A front mount moped like a Solex or Bicientzi would be awesome. Even a Cushman utility vehicle. Anything on wheels, send an email and make it known to me that you are interested. I will respond to ALL emails.

I will give you a honest answer and tell you up front if I am interested or not, UNLIKE MOST MOPEDARMY MEMBERS that like to play games.

I am serious about a trade, and serious inquiries only please.




Re: Honda Moped for sale

Picture of Express II attached.


Re: Honda Moped for sale

Ian Steedman /

where are you located and how much are you expecting

Re: Honda Moped for sale


My ad was for a trade. I wasn't thinking when I put "for sale" when writing the AD. (I originally meant "for trade")

I'm mostly looking to trade. If someone really really wants to buy the moped from me, I guess I would ask for $250 firm. Located in Syracuse, New York & Rome, New York.

I will consider any kind of trade. Pitch it to me. I'll give it serious consideration.

Re: Honda Moped for sale

I like that moped, I like that price and I like your attitude Mr. EK.

Unfortunately I live all the way up here in southern ontario, heh.

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Thanks :o) I just feel strongly that people should deal straight with each other. Afterall, we all are on this website to share a common interest, right? :o)

I've the same problem myself. There are many great deals out there but they are just too far or expensive to ship. :o(

Re: Honda Moped for sale

Bump. Interested, anyone? :o)

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Dave Peterson /

How far are you willing to travel? I live in the Burlington, Vt area and always have a few mopeds in various states of repair or disrepair. The Honda is a no-ped and I have been selling them to the Shrinners at cost for their parades.

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I sent you an email.


Moped is gone

The Honda Moped is gone.

Re: Honda Moped for sale

I wanted to publicly thank the person that I did the trade with.

I had a nasty tire blow out in the middle of nowhere on the way to the trading location. There was a house nearby, thank god. (It was the only house in 5 miles)

Fortunately, I was able to email this person from the house, and fortunately, he was able to read email while waiting for us at Mc Donalds. He waited 4 hours.

I couldn't thank him enough. When I met him in person, he was really friendly and understanding about my situation.

Many thanks to this person. You know who you are. :o)

It is really nice to bump into pretty decent people like him every once in awhile.

I hope you enjoy the Honda. :o) Best wishes in all that you do.

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