1980 honda express 4SALE

i have a 1980 honda express for sale i need to sell it i i runs great it is just getting it started that is the deal i paid $500 and ran it for a long time but i am only 16 and don't have any idea how to fix it and i am sure some one does and i don't want to see it junked i just want to sell it or trade it for a moped that runs so i am asking $200 for it but OBO. or another moped like i said thank you

Re: 1980 honda express 4SALE

Could you put up some pictures of the moped and what problems it has? And how much it would cost for shipping to Audubon, IA. please hold this moped because I really need it.

Re: 1980 honda express 4SALE

I live in Dayton Ohio and I have a 1982 Yamaha QT50 that starts, runs and looks pretty good. I needs an ignition switch, but you can turn it off with the kill switch. It also has a custom rear fender. the Speedo needs a new gear but was put away for the winter after it broke. no speedo froad. Otherwise perfect transportation. two new tires, battery and lots of others. E-mail me at Mustangdude3454480@sbcglobal.net. Thanks Matt

(BTW: all of the parts are easily found at a Yamaha dealer)

Re: 1980 honda express 4SALE

Is the problem with the bike starting it. Please E-mail me at Mustangdude3454480@sbcglobal.net

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