1995 Tomos Targa LX for sale in MN

I have a 1995 Tomos targa LX that i worked on last summer, but i recently bought a motorcycle and i have another puch, so i won't have time for this, It has been re painted a metalic grey, and i did a pretty sweet job. The front tripple tree was re built. I blew out a cylinder and had other troubles with the engine, i have parts for two a35 engine bottome ends that will go along, and a blown out stock cylinder and a head. I am also including a bullet exhaust that needs a manifold but is in almost new condition, and only had like 100 mi on it. the bike also has bmx sport style pedals a locking gas cap and many other extra fork, fenders, lights and other parts are going to be thrown in. I would like to get 200-300 for it. I have the tittle and it has tabs up to 05. E-mail me if you wan't to know anything more. I live in Minnetonka MN 55343.

Re: 1995 Tomos Targa LX for sale in MN

John Getsch /

This is it before i blew the engine out. The bars are not included. Just the stock bars, and the stock fairing.


Re: 1995 Tomos Targa LX for sale in MN

do you ever sign on your aim s/n and by the way is the bike running ? if not what do i have to do to it? and how fast is it?

Re: 1995 Tomos Targa LX for sale in MN

would you happen to have any shocks you want to sell for the Targa LX?

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