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Anyone know where I can find the Florida moped laws? As far as what I need to make it street legal?

I just got a 1980? Garelli Super Sport, and it pretty much has nothing on it, re lights, spedometer, ect.

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In Florida, you need to be at least 16 and you're supposed to have a motorcycle license if your 'ped is over 50cc, but my scooter friends with 200cc+ engines never get questioned... cops pretty much just call you gay.

You don't have to have insurance as long as you wear a helmet, but you have to register the 'ped.

No helmet requirements for under 50cc.. but come on... you're not dumb.

I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure you have to have lights and turn signals to register the bike.

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oh, and where are you located in florida? I've been interested in buying a moped for a while, but I don't know anyone else who rides.

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Im in South Tampa. Still working on the ped, to get it street legal... I am going to have to replace all the lights/turn signals ECT...

I just bought it a week ago or so, and havent had too much time to look at it, supposedly it has a leak in the gas tank, but that should be an easy fix...

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I am in Florida and have a '78 PA50. It doesn't have any turn signals and no one asked when I registered it. They kinda treated it like a bicycle.

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What about a brake light?

I also have to check about legality on a military base, what they would consider it.

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