1989 tomos golden bullet tt lx sale

Nathan Lewis /

hey i decided to post here to sell my moped, ive had it since i was fourteen (2 1/2 years) and i want to sell it. I have a 2001 tomos a35 engine on it stock and a bi-turbo exhuast. The moped tops out at 43 mph (according to my friends Honda CBR 600 F4 Streetbike) shes an oldie but still runs great. Starting price is $600.00.

If any one is interested in it than post back or e-mail me, at


Oh and dont forget to remember i live in South Jersey.

for a pic from last year look me up in the moped owners directory and type in Nathan Lewis. Ill post a pic of it how it looks and is now soon.


Re: 1989 tomos golden bullet tt lx sale

Alex Wieboldt /

i'll buy it for 600 if u can wait like 2 weeks for me to pick it up. does it have a title? and is there anything wrong with it?

Re: 1989 tomos golden bullet tt lx sale

Nathan Lewis /

yeah sure ill wait, as long as its befor christmas, nothings wrong with it, i have the title, and you should e-mail me with your information and a phone number so we can make arrangments. I will hold you as the primary buyer as of (12/07/04) Thank you.

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