FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa


1978 Puch Maxi 1-speed in fair condition. I had this bike running a few weeks ago, but it quit becasue the spark plug is fouled. The cylinder head may need replacement as the thread for that accepts the plug was repaired (perhaps with a heli-coil) and the sleeve came out with the spark plug. (See my W8AC discussion in the repair forum.) At any rate, the bike needs a right crank/sprocket assembly as the pedal threads are stripped, a new speedometer drive and could probably use new brake/clutch cables. The paint and chrome are so-so, the seat is torn and the rear wheel has been repaired (welded - but I have a replacement with a brand new tire/tube). The kill switch assembly is also broken, but functional. I will post a picture of the bike with my user info on MA. The bike is on Staten Island, NY and the buyer must pick it up.

$125 complete. I will NOT part it out as I don't have the time or inclination.

1978 Sachs Balboa parts bike. Essentially complete, but the engine does not turn over. Missing throttle handle. Has new fuel tank/petcock.

$75. I will not part it out.

Take both for $175. Please email me directly if you would like to set up a time to meet and see these bikes (weekends are good). They will only be sold to individuals 18 or older.



Re: FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa

Forgot to mention:

The Puch comes with a 1988 New Jersey title in a previous owner's name (signed for transfer, but not dated). You can have the title or a bill of sale from me, but not both.

The Sachs does not have a title, but I will provide a bill of sale.

Re: FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa

I got the Puch running today with a new spark plug, if that pique's anyone interest. It's definitely a worthwhile project bike. I would take $100 for the Puch and $50 for the Sachs. I could probably be talked into delivering both bikes within the NYC metro area (but the buyer must take both). 18 or older rule still applies.

Re: FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa

Hey, I live in Massachusetts. If they run okay and shipping is not a problem let me know. I am not 18..but my parents can buy it if thats the problem. I really want something to ride and work on. Email me - Modestmouse8838@yahoo.com

Re: FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa

Shipping would be difficult and probably not worth the expense for bikes in this condition. I would prefer a local buyer or someone who can make the trip to NYC (although I could travel a reasonable distance to meet).

Re: FS: Puch Maxi; Sachs Balboa

Chris Sorensen /

e-mail me. I'm very interrested in both peds. I'm in NJ and could meet up with you.

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