1989 trac liberty

this is my latest ped. no title, a GREAT parts bike.

after cleaning carb, replacing tranny fluid,new plug, etc., it starts on the first, or second kick(this is a kick start trac, no pedals!!! idles good, but doesn't rev up, or move. clutches??? ..... the only other thing it needs is a throttle cable, as this just snapped on me recently. seat is near perfect, paint is so, so. chrome cleaned up very well. tires are ok. holding air

it's a pretty well built moped, but i have no time for it right now. i'm waiting on a transplant. if anyone is interested, i'll let it go for $75.00, OBO. must pickup!!!

thank you.

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Re: 1989 trac liberty



Re: 1989 trac liberty



Re: 1989 trac liberty

where do you live

Re: 1989 trac liberty

new york

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