Wanted a35 engine

I f'd up my gear box...i refilled the oil and it was leaking out when i started the engine because a screw is missing and i need a hole new trnasmission....or just the case...or the whole engine i really dont know....but i just got this moped 2 days ago for 600, rode it all day yesterday and its f'd up now.

its a 96targa lx.

Anywone have the engine for sale?

Re: Wanted a35 engine

Timmy Southpark /

Can i purchase your broken motor?

Re: Wanted a35 engine

ya, how mutch do you wan't for it

Re: Wanted a35 engine


Re: Wanted a35 engine

whats up with no?

Re: Wanted a35 engine

nah, sorry guys i kinda fixed it...im n the process of getting it running good.

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