2003 TFR FOR $500

I have a 2003 Kinetic TFR for sale. The moped has a Polini Exhaust System installed and does about 40 mph. It is great for getting around town as it gets 150 miles per gallon. It has 1900 miles on it and is in great condition, has never been on the ground. Like new. Reply if interested. Must sell.

Re: 2003 TFR FOR $500

Justin Brownell /

where are you located?

Re: 2003 TFR FOR $500

Bill Switzer /

Click on his verified user, that will tell where he is from.

Re: 2003 TFR FOR $500

The Kinetic TFR can't legally be licensed as a moped in Ohio though. Or were you able to license this as a moped? The <www.ohiobmv.com> website doesn't list this as a moped that can be operated with a moped license. Get back to me on this please.

Re: 2003 TFR FOR $500

when i contacted the bmv they said as long as it has a 50cc engine and pedals you can ride it at the age of 14. they also said to ask the dealer if its legal.

Re: 2003 TFR FOR $500

how many miles does it have im very interested.

what color?

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