Honda Passport c70 In Maine

I am looking to sell this bike, or trade for a 50cc moped. (motobecane prefered)

It is not exactly road worthy right now, but has had a complete engine rebuild. It starts and runs, but blows headlamps, many folks have told me this a symptom of a dead battery. It has a three speed clutchless manual transmition (also rebuilt), it is a four stroke. it looks pretty dodgey, and has some quirks, but it is a solid bike

This bike was purchased at a police auction many years ago, the papers have been lost. It has no VIN #

This would the PERFECT parts bike, because it runs, has basicaly been rebuilt allready. it would make a great beater bike as well. It would be great as a road bike, but the legality may be tricky

(I do not know how to go about making it legal again)

make me an offer- trade or cash


Re: Honda Passport c70 In Maine

I offer 70.00 bucksLOL.but if you know anyone with a crappy moped in maine please email me because I am looking for one for my friend and only hve 70.00 becuase I am 12.

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