two jawas for sale

I have two Jawas for sale. One is an '86 the other is an '88. The '86 runs great. The '88 runs, but there is a burr in the engine and I dont have the tools to open it and remove it.

$400 for both or best offer.

located in grand rapids michigan.


Re: two jawas for sale

How much for the '86 only?

I live in kalamazoo, so could pick up soon if price is reasonable. Do you have any pics?

Re: two jawas for sale

ill take them if shipped to MAINE


Re: two jawas for sale

Ben Schaafsma /

are you going to pay for the shipping?

Re: two jawas for sale

do you have piks of the 86 and i can buy just the 86 if u can ship to nj ?? send piks to

Re: two jawas for sale

Kevin Romero /

i want a pic of the 86 and 400 with shipping

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