How much is my moped worth?

I have a 1971 or 1972 Jawa "Transistor 40" its orange and beautiful - not quite as rusty as this one, but essentially the same.

assuming it's in good working condition, if you know what you are talking about, please tell me how much you think it is worth - I recently fixed it up and am planning on buying it from my pops-



Re: How much is my moped worth?

Martin Frank /

nobody knows?

Re: How much is my moped worth?

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx /

anywhere from $50 to $500!!

a mopeds value is not a fixed thing. if it's worth $50 to the person buying or selling it's worth $50. if you're willing to pay $500 then it's worth $500. my best word of advice is when buying, lowball the hell out of them. when selling, be prepared to be lowballed and then make sure you have a fixed price that you are willing to accept.

i would say a jawa is a nice bike but i wouldn't pay very much for it because parts will be tough to find. a puch or minerelli are alot easier to find parts for, but unless i see a bike in it's shipping crate from the 70's i wouldn't pay more than $100 for anything unless i had to have it. hope this helps out



swarm and detroit

Re: How much is my moped worth?

I have heard jawas are unreliable

Re: How much is my moped worth?

Martin Frank /

Ok, cool, so there must be no moped blue book lol

thanks for the response - Im good as long as i know Im not dealing with an antique or something



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